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It can take many years of practice to learn the art of great academic essay writing; even then the methods used to achieve the same goal vary from person to person. The key is to allow your natural abilities to be nurtured over time and let your personal style come to the fore. At Essays Made Simple, we believe that every student has the potential for greatness and we see our role as that of a coach, giving you the right amount of support when you decide it’s needed.

frustrated woman working on computerWhen you start out looking for an essay writing company, the sheer amount of choice can be confusing. We know that intelligent people will always weight up the options carefully, but we’d like to explain how we are different to our competitors. Primarily, it is the standard of our work and the professionalism with which it is delivered that sets us apart. Many companies are strong on rhetoric but lacking in substance, this is because they are happy to use offshore essay writers that generate many second-rate essays every day.

However, Essays Made Simple have an entirely different set of working practices, we only employ UK graduates and check their references as well as their qualifications. Once onboard, we hold our professional authors in high regard, they are only asked to complete assignments within their areas of expertise and are not pressured into producing multiple papers in a day. However, we do expect the best from our team and if they are up to the job, we do everything we can to keep them on our essay writing service.

If you take a glance through our client’s comments you’ll see that customer satisfaction means everything to us. In practice this means we treat you as an individual, safeguard your privacy and only dispatch your work when it has been proofread and checked for plagiarism. Essays Made Simple can ease the stress and worry of your university years, enabling you to achieve the grades you need to move into the career you want. If you have any queries our FAQ section may provide an answer, or feel free to contact us direct.

Essay Writing Service

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